Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Rurouni Kenshin

May 27, 2012

Hello!! Good to see you again this week!!! How’ve you all been?

Today I’ve got another one of the most interesting manga to view, which makes me think why the hell have I left it till now to review?! Hahaha! I should have reviewed it ions ago! Anyway, its a 90′s cult manga called Rurouni Kenshin, aka Samurai Kenshin, aka for the western audiences, it is known as Samurai X.

This manga is absolutely fantastic! First of all the art is brilliantly drawn. I remember trying to draw it art style because I loved the character designs of the bad guys so much, but never really got close haha. The story is so well developed that it leaves the readers wanting more and more after each chapter, it is a manga where you get emotionally attached.

I don’t know about you, but I love stories dating back to olden days in Japan, samurai warriors are so bloody cool! This manga will have plenty of sword fighting, oh believe me!

Now lets get to the synopsis shall we?

The story takes place back to the Meiji period of Japan, the hero of the story is Himura Kenshin, an assassin known as ‘Hitokiri Battosai’ who is an extremely skilled warrior. After the Bakumatsu War, Kenshin became a peaceful wanderer, wandering around the country side of Japan, helping and protecting people in need to atone for the crime that he committed as an assassin. One day he meets a girl in trouble, her name is Kamiya Kaoru an owner of a sword school. She was in a middle of a fight with a murderer claiming himself to be the Hitokiri Battosai. Kenshin helped her, and to repay for his rescue, she offered Kenshin a place to stay at the Dojo. From then on, Kenshin develops friendships with various of people, such as Sagara Sanosuke, Myojin Yahiko and Takani Megumi, whom are all important characters in the story. With all the friends he made, he encountered the same amount of enemies as well. The main rival is his successor as an assassin by the name of Shishio Makoto. He plans to conquer Japan by destroying the Meiji Government and Kenshin is now on a journey to stop that from happening.

Trust me guys, this is a manga you wouldn’t want to miss! There is already an Animation adaptation for those who are too lazy to read. Watch it as it is a great anime series too!!

I rarely give 10 out of 10, but this one deserve it!


Manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki

Genre: Shounen, romance, drama, action

Released Date: 1994 ~ 1999

Volumes: 28

Story: 10/10

Art: 10/10

Over all: 10/10

See you all next week  Ciao~

Fat Jenga signing out!


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