Westcomb Switch LT Hoodie

April 3, 2012


Weighing about as much as a bottle of water, Westcomb’s impressive 15oz Switch LT Hoodie is the latest to be named the world’s lightest NeoShell jacket. While outerwear companies spend every season trying to capture industry attention, Westcomb is one of the few to hit the high mark year after year with cleanly designed, solidly manufactured gear created from start to finish under one roof in Vancouver.

A performance-driven, waterproof shell designed for all conditions, the Switch is made of Polartec Neoshell fabric, a revolutionary lightweight material rated at the market’s highest level of breathability and waterproof capability. With a slightly slimmer fit and articulated joints for ease of motion, the jacket maintains function while tackling the divide between tech and style. Multiple zippered pockets give the jacket just the right amount of portage possibilities while keeping contents completely dry. Westcomb president and lead designer Alan Yiu explains that the design team “started with a core foundation of the best possible materials, and then built the design upward from there, adding only what’s truly necessary for users in the field.”

The Switch LT Hoodie is now available from Westcomb in colorways spanning basic neutrals to adventurous bold hues, for $430. An investment piece, the ripstop nylon jacket will likely last a lifetime, allowing you to easily traverse rainy city streets or off-road trails.
words by Graham Hiemstra

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