Stormtrooper Completes Walk Across Australia For Charity and Raised £62,000

April 14, 2012


And the walk is finally over for Jacob…
If you have been following Jacob and his Stormtrooper walk for Charity you will know that he finally completed his walk recently and through his gruelling 3,000 mile walk from Perth to Sydney, he managed to raise £62,000.

‘I hate walking. I do anything to get out of it usually, but I was the one with the idea.’ – Jacob French

21 year old Jacob walked for more than 10 hours a day, Monday to Friday, losing more than 12kg in weight and going through seven pairs of shoes in his adventure. Along the way, he pushed a 50kg buggy containing his supplies, while always wearing his elite soldier, white, battle armour. He finished off his walk with a visit to the Sydney Children’s Hospital where he entertained patients with his costume and tales of his trip.

‘My involvement with the 501st Legion has been a fantastic experience and I have had a plenty of opportunities to put on my suit of armour and entertain the public.’ – Jacob French

Good on ya’ Jake! 9 months of walking has finally paid off and you can have a decent rest now. We hope this story can be of some inspiration to all our readers. It definitely inspired us!

More details can be found HERE.

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