Star Wars Bookends

April 10, 2012


If we had a lightsaber, we’re pretty sure we’d use it for a whole lot of irresponsible things before we got around to saving the galaxy. For starters, we’d remodel our cube a la Office Space. Then, we’d bake a turkey and use the lightsaber to carve it. After that, we’d go joyriding through that always-under-construction area and slice all the orange barrels in half. We’d even light ladies’ cigarettes with a graceful flick of the blade. Apologies to the first lady we try this on… we’re sure technology will be able to reattach your face very, very soon.

This set of bookends looks just like the Star Wars logo, but neatly chopped down the center much like one could do with a lightsaber. All you need are some books, DVDs, or CDs to put in between them and you have a galactastic way of displaying your most needed reference items. Perfect for cube dwellers who can’t install shelving, or at home for displaying your Millennium Falcoln Owner’s Guide, Star Wars Cookbooks, and your geekling’s Star Wars ABCs.

Available now HERE for $60.
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