Shang Xia x Lin Xi Limited Edition ‘WISH’ Poker Set

April 5, 2012


Promising a unique encounter with the heritage of Chinese design and craftsmanship, Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia boasts Chinese culture that often appears to be lost in the country’s economic rush. The brand had earlier collaborated with French luxury maker, Hermes to open its first Shang Xia boutique in Shanghai, offering European luxury and traditional Chinese craftsmanship at one place. Now, Shang Xi has teamed up with artist Lin Xi to produce a limited edition poker set.

Shang Xia’s new poker set dubbed ‘Wish’, boasts the brands signature blend of function and form. This poker set comes with a handcrafted zitan wood-box which is engraved with the Shang Xia’s signature logo. And, the playing cards features exclusive designs created by the Chinese artist Lin Xi.

Luxuriantly encased in the collector-worthy zitan hardwood box, Lin Xi’s designed playing cards replaces the traditional suits with the distinguished Chinese symbol like the taihu rocks, bodhi leaves and red peaches. Further, artist Lin’s watercolor treatment injects the playfulness nature, and is worthy to be described as the star of the show.

Available in two sizes, large 178cm x 130cm x 84cm and small 96cm x 71cm x 30cm, Shang Xia’s limited edition ‘Wish’ poker set is displayed at Shang Xia’s Hong Kong Plaza boutique.

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