Revenge of the Wolves by Otto Björnik

April 22, 2012

“I did the design and customizing while she did the great task of sewing the clothes and making them fit. This was a project that I had been wanting to do since mid last year. And seeing it come to reality is in itself a great achievement for me. I can honestly say that this has been a labor of love that I can’t wait to share with all of you.” – Otto.

“Revenge of the Wolves” is the 4th in a series of customs from Otto Björnik, with this being a collaboration between himself and his sister. The toys will be sold in pairs. One wolf (7″ munny or 3″ dunny) will be paired to a red riding hood 3″ Dunny. As well the entire set is available by contacting Otto before the 24th (as he mentioned he’d prefer to “keep them together”. They’ll be available for purchase on the 24th at around 9pm EST. Each set will cost US$200-$500 HERE.

STORY: “The rumbling in her babies’ tummies is too much for Lyca to bear. It has been days since they’ve last eaten, not since her husband was viciously killed while foraging for food. Every night, Lyca and her little ones visit the bluffs where she and her husband first fell in love. There, she wails for their loss and longingly calls out for him in the vast emptiness. But the only sound that answers is the echo of her cubs’ whimpers and the growling of their tummies.

She must snap out of her grief and feed her starving babies. With a mother’s instincts and a widow’s vindictiveness, Lyca vows to avenge her husband’s murder. She already got rid of the lumberjack. All she has to do now is devise a plan to get that rabbit Lago once and for all.”

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