Product Review : NIKE x UNDERCOVER – GYAKUSOU Convertible Hooded Jacket Spring 12′

April 29, 2012

The Spring 2012 GYAKUSOU collection continues to bring the best of the two collaborative brands together resulting in a line of functional apparel. The minimalist design of Jun Takahashi’s Undercover Lab blends perfectly with Nike’s high-tech materials making it a must have for all running enthusiasts.

When the Gyakusou launched a few seasons ago, we thought to ourselves, ‘This could be the next best thing in running”… and it is. Two main things pop into mind when Gyakusou is mentioned, form and function. Today we will be looking at the latest Convertible Hooded Jacket for Spring 12′.

The first and most impressive part of this jacket is it’s weight. Obviously when running, we do not want any added weight from our gear and Jun Takahashi has done an excellent job in trimmin’ the fat (so to speak). When we first got the jacket and tried it on, we were genuinely amazed at how light the jacket was (you will too). For the everyday runner, this jacket will make an excellent addition (not in weight) to your run.

The second most impressive part of this jacket is it’s multi function. Most jackets just cover you and protect you from the rain etc etc., but this jacket takes function to a whole different level. The sleeves zip off easily, turning it into a vest (for warmer seasons), which makes it a valuable companion for both cold and warm days. It’s quite annoying when you want to run, but you only got a running jacket for the cold. With this Convertible Hooded Jacket, Jun has helped us save on purchasing a second jacket/vest to keep us company for our warmer runs.

To add to that, the Integrated Vent design makes it easy for air to get through, resulting in less sweaty armpits. How many times have you come home from a run, removed your jacket and found sweat pouring out from the armpit area? (Too many times!) And how many times have you found yourself having an uncomfortable run because of your sweaty armpit? Not anymore we say! The Integrated Vent design is one function that will turn your run into a breeze.

The hood drawcord is another great addition to this jacket. It allows you to secure the hood over your head making very sure that no cold wind gets pass your face while running. This is one function we are really happy with because we’ve been faced with this issue many times in our runs. Most hoods on running jackets just don’t prevent cold wind from penetrating past our face. Plus they keep dropping after 2 seconds of running and it gets annoying after pulling it over our heads several times. With Jun’s Convertible Hooded Jacket, these issues will no longer be evident in our runs (and in yours too). Making it twice as comfortable and warm to run in colder seasons.

The Contrast Articulated Panels also make this jacket feel like part of our skin. Movement seems alot easier and less rigid (which is an excellent trait of this jacket). Now our runs are complete.

We’ve said this a few times throughout this review and we’ll say it again, the new Gyakusou Convertible Hooded Jacket will definitely be a great addition to your run this Spring’ 12 and will not disappoint. Happy running everyone!

words by Benny Teh
photography by wood wood and end

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