Mike Dreams – Wanna Be A Baller (From A Little Brother’s Eyes)

April 9, 2012


“6 years ago today (April 8th), my big brother, Garey Hannah Jr. a.k.a “J.B”, was tragically gunned down in South Minneapolis after being robbed at gunpoint and refusing to give up the money. Growing up, I was able to have talks with him over the years, and tried to grasp and understand the direction his life was going, and where he saw himself to be. Overall, he was a complex individual, who had ambitions and much more things to accomplish, but had that chance to make a turn around and have progression, taken away. He served time early on in his adult years, and once he was out, I saw how society just seemed to never give him a break. It’s so hard in this country to try and get ahead once you’ve made a mistake. I will always remember him, for his insight, his advice to me to not do the things he did, and his love for music, hip-hop and rap music.” – Mike Dreams

DOWNLOAD: Mike Dreams – Wanna Be A Baller (From A Little Brother’s Eyes)

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