Melting Chocolate Lamp

April 18, 2012

If you are one of the many hard working computer geeks out there, you know how important it is to get your energy revived every once in a while. Without it, you will have little need for all of those ideas since there will simply be no energy to realize them. To feel energized again, some people prefer a short walk, some like stretching, and others even like a cup of coffee or two. But there are also people out there who chew away on a chocolate bar seemingly every minute of the day. It’s an energy booster that pretty much injects instant energy into your system, but it of course does more than just that. It’s scientifically proven that there is a substance in cocoa that helps cells repair themselves faster, but it’s the sugar that does the real damage.

So, in order to save you from the depths of destruction, there is now a new kind of lamp that I am most certain will fulfill all your sugary cravings if you find yourself in the panic room in desperate need of some nice chocolate. Well, maybe it will actually do the opposite when I think about it. It’s the Melty Chocolate Lamp that will connect to your computer through USB (power outlet and battery support are also included). It will illuminate your workspace with three different shades depending on what shade you pick when ordering the lamp.

When it’s turned on, you will watch the lamp pour out that mind numbing chocolate into the cup beneath it. It has zero calories and will keep you from pouring down those hazardous sugary heart attack bombs that one might experience when eating bar after bar of chocolate just to keep energized. If you are a chocolate lover of magnitude, like I am, you know that just the mere sight of chocolate is sometimes enough to keep you going. Available HERE for $22.
words by Richard Darell

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