Linsanity Continues with Jeremy Lin Documentary Now in the Works

April 6, 2012


Whether or not you’re a sports fan, it’s been pretty hard to avoid the headlines and online presence of breakout New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, a player who enjoyed a quick rise to fame which was recently tainted by a knee surgery that has effectively ended his regular season play. However, the craze surrounding the player that has been dubbed “Linsanity,” along with a slew of other puns from the news networks and outlets, will continue as 24 Frames has learned that a feature length documentary about the Asian American basketball player is coming, whether or not his recently relevant talents live up to the hype.

Lin’s longtime friend and filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong, a former assistant for Fast and the Furious franchise director Justin Lin (no, he’s not related to the basketball player), will direct the film. This won’t be his first rodeo in documentary filmmaking as he not only was at the helm of a film called 1040 chronicling the presence of Christianaity in Asia, but he also has been chronicling Lin’s life candidly throughout their friendship as well. 408 Films and Endgame Entertainment will produce the film (they also were behind the stellar An Education), but it remains to be seen just how quick this will come together, and whether or not Lin’s fame and attention was something more than just a hot streak only worthy of NBA Jam. Stay tuned.
words by Ethan Anderton

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