Limited Edition Lamborghini x BMC Road Bike

April 24, 2012


The Lamborghini Aventador ever since its creation a while back has been hogging the limelight of late for its numerous special editions, and thematic accessories dedicated to it. This obviously brings back memories of the J Aural Assault edition, Boeing 787 edition, and even the OMAS pen which was inspired by the tangerine color of the super sports car. Now BMC road bikes, known for its premier sports bike range, have created a limited edition series of cycles, which have been christened ‘Automobili Lamborghini BMC Impec edition’. Using the similar flavour of design and use of premium fabrication, each of these 30 cycles carry with it a price tag of $26,000, and the oodles of style associated with the Italian sports car.

From this edition of BMC road bike, one gets the obvious feeling of how closely the design for the Aventador is being followed across the design world. Hence, apart from the bright tangerine body color in tandem with black, fabrication is seen replicated with similar understandings. The black elements include the wheels and the main frame, have been made with carbon fiber, this also taking a whole lot of load from the machine.

This is also seen coupled with technological features like the electronic Shimano Dura Ace Di2 shifting mechanism. This would add the nimble footedness when it comes to swift changing og gears or transmission which is seen on the Aventador.

Other noted elements of the bicycle design logo on the headtube of the frame, handmade leather suede saddle and handlebars, also the Airbrushed seat piping details which draws in inspiration from the Aventador LP-700. In fact, the use of the tangerine color is also been known to be the same as the original car. The sad part for fans of the brand however, is that only 30 editions will ever leave the factory for sale in the world market. They will be distributed through exclusive BMC stores or the Lamborghini dealers. However, if one wishes to see it, one would have to go to Milan where the bicycle is on display at the Brian & Barry Store. Should one decide to explore even further into the world of such premium eco-luxurious rides, then reading over most expensive bicycles would be a fair idea.
words by Wrik Sen

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