LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Torch Light

April 12, 2012


For decades, the world’s children have depended on the faithful teddy bear to guard them while they slept. But just as our overuse of hand sanitizer is breeding super-germs, our overuse of teddy bears is breeding super-monsters. Who will defend our wee geeks from certain doom from the Thing Under The Bed or Thing In The Closet?

Darth Vader, that’s who.

Maybe he’s recruiting youth Sith, or maybe he’s repented and doing community service, but either way, here’s Vader, in the form of a LEGO Torch Light. His arms, legs, and head are all adjustable, so you can pose him in whatever menacing way you see fit. Bright white LEDs shine from the bottoms of his feet and his red lightsaber glows, ready to mow down the monsters.

Available HERE for $18 now.
words by TG

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