Keypad Hidden Time Watch

April 11, 2012


We have a love/hate relationship with the 10-key pad. On the one hand, we used it to frolic through the cities and dungeons of Azeroth. Some of us were Alliance, some of us were FOR THE HORDE! but all of us set up our keyboards to optimally play our chosen class. On the other hand, there was that data entry temp job we had in college that made our eyes bleed.

Let’s embrace the positive side of 10-key! This quirky watch is a conversation starter: it looks like a tiny 10-key number pad on your wrist. People will say, “What time is it?” and you can show them your watch and let them look perplexed. In truth, reading the time is easy: push any of the number keys and the time will light up, one digit at a time. This watch comes in classic keyboard ivory or black. We assume the black must be faster.
Available now HERE for $99.99.
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