David Flores – ‘Bad News Travels Fast’ Recap

April 17, 2012


Last Friday, David Flores unleashed his newest character, Deathead, with the opening of ‘Bad News Travels Fast’ @ Toy Art Gallery. The centerpiece of the show are a pair of 3’ Deathead sculptures in fiberglass, the latest large-scale figures produced by TAG. Both the All-Black and the ‘Mickey’ edition are strong renditions of Flores’ design ($2900 each). The debut 3-foot Deatheads have made the wait for the 10” vinyl figures (BIC Plastics) due in June, both more tantalizing and agonizing. Deathead also made an appearance on a large floor to ceiling acrylic-on-canvas painting, limited-edition Tees, and both square and character-shaped pillows.

Portraits of noted personalities including Dennis Hopper, Dali, Basquiat, Angela Davis and more done in Flores’ signature stained-glass style offer a good overview of the artist’s current body of work. Two sculptural pieces – a large lifesize skullhead vandal in front of Flores’ critical parody of the retro Mobil Oil logo bearing a red Pegasus as well as a striking and perhaps functional stencil suitcase loaded with four cans of Montana Gold, compliment the 2D work.
words by VP

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