Suso33, Neko, Nano4814, and Nuria Mora “Made in Madrid” at Delimbo Gallery (Spain) Video & Photo Recap

March 29, 2012

Hecho En Madrid, translated as Made In Madrid, is the most recent exhibition to open at the Delimbo Gallery located in Seville, Spain. Made in Madrid features four artists, Suso33, Neko, Nano4814, and Nuria Mora. They each bring their own personal style with works that range from paintings and sculptures to a fire extinguisher tag over a massive chrome fill-in.

The 5-minute video above does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the opening and presenting the artist’s works in their unique installation. Although none of the artists in this show are bold faced names stateside, each of their interpretations of taking inspiration from the street is beautiful and thought provoking. Scroll down to take a closer look at the show and each of the artist’s works.
words by judeliana

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