Superhero Bow Ties

March 19, 2012

As any Doctor Who fan knows, Bow Ties Are Cool. So, if you are a fan of mixing your “cool” with superheroes, then check these out.

I’ve said time and time again how much I love nerds, and it seems as though Charmaine Welch shares my sentiments. As a believer that “bow ties are the new tattoos… without the regret,” Charmaine creates these adorable accessories for those who love to mix business with nerdy. If I bumped into a well dressed guy sporting one of these with a pair of Clark Kent glasses, well let’s just say that all of my nerd dreams would come true.

Welch loves to mix textiles and color, so while she isn’t exclusively in the superhero bow tie business, she does make some really cool accessories. If you are interested in sporting one of these, or getting one for your nerdy companion, then head over to her Etsy Store and score one for around $24.
words By Megan Burks Bowyer

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