Star Trek Ties

March 16, 2012

Spaaaaaace is the final frontier. You are not in space. You’re in the been-there-done-that, same-circus-different-clowns frontier of corporate life. It’s the wild west, only instead of wrangling cattle, you’re kicking a bison-sized copy machine. But when you zone out for that hour after lunch, you imagine yourself as a member of the Enterprise crew, flying through the stars and being beamed up by Scotty himself.

These Star Trek Ties are the perfect geeky accessory for those afflicted with a straight-laced corporate dress code. Made from high quality, double knit nylon, these look great with your most expensive monkey suit. Only those who peer closely will notice that they are an exact color match to the 1969 Original Series uniforms and that each tie has a tiny Enterprise delta shield division emblem. Choose gold (Command), Blue (Science), or Red (Engineering) and be prepared to go where no corporate drone has gone before.
words by TG
Available HERE for $50.

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