SAVE & DESTROY Art Show Recap

March 31, 2012


Javier Jimenez, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Granada (Spain) recently curated the SAVE & DESTROY Art Show. It looked like an exceptionally well put together show and thought we’d share it with all you kaiju and tokusatsu (Japanese monsters and super heroes) fans. The show kicked off on the 5th of March and will run till’ the 3nd of April. Here is what Jav had to say about the show:

“I united artworks from 18 international artists, some already well-known and others less known but have promising futures. All of them come from different disciplines and I chose to combine them with prints, photographies, paper toys and vinyl toys mediums. Among the 18 participants, we have Shin Tanaka presenting his new paper toy ”KAIJU” and Paul Shih presenting ”Chibi”, the newest Sushi Kaiju’s friend. – Javier Jimenez

Artist lineup: Creaturekebab, Hanzo, Javier Jiménez, Jorge Jiménez, Kepalakardus, Mapachillo, Matt Frank, Mias “The Rock” Johnson, Pakoto, Paul Shih, Randyotter, Ridd Sorensen, Shin Tanaka, SILO, Sprits, Tanoshiboy, Terelo, Wuzone

Check out their video recap and also some images of what went down after the jump.

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