One Track Mind Video

March 29, 2012

LA based Director, Chicktop found herself in a Santa Monica bike shop listening to the mom of a carbon fiber genius brag about her son, Aram Goganian of Predator Cycling. He turned out to be the first step in a long, still winding path of research and ultimate enamorment with the sport of Track Cycling.

Chicktop is best known for short documentaries and commercials on the subject of Fashion – and – like the athletes she has come to know and respect – she wanted to challenge the boundaries. She wanted to show that an eye was an eye – that a passion for the subject was the main ingredient to creating the strong, effective communication.

She found that connection when interviewing a broad range of track cyclists – from national title-holders and world record breakers to stand-outs in their first year of the sport. From there she witnessed the hoards of cyclists converting to the track. On many a night – she could be found hanging out with the droves of former messengers and BMX thrill seekers on their first few laps at the Encino Velodrome. With this, she came to understand the wave of interest in this sport is on the verge of explosion.

Through the support of her representatives – Supply and Demand Integrated, Chicktop filmed a large part of her project in Portland at Alpenrose Velodrome. The goal of the films was to convey the message of a country on the edge of re-discovery of a sport long over due for attention. It is hoped that others will come to know the movement was ignited by truly innovative athletes who are out to prove it’s not the achievements that make us great – but what we use to get us there.

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