Huck Gee – Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk

March 3, 2012

“Revenge. Not a word typically found in the vocabulary of the renowned, reclusive, Golden Glorious Soaring Munks. Acting in a manner related to said word would probably be enough to find oneself no longer a member of said Golden Glorious Soaring Munks. Disgraced. Fallen. Angry. Resolved. Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk” – HG

Huck Gee fans have been blessed with yet another amazing custom Dunny from the man himself. This time it comes in the form of a Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk. Limited to only 10 pieces, this beauty includes a Bronze Infused Stainless Steal Hatchets and laser a etched wooden box. Each figure is signed, numbered and will be available for $750ea. hit huck up if you’re interested in them.

Note: Going forward, we will now be draping each figure in a more appropriate archival quality fabric than what we have used in the past. Every Huck Gee custom figure will also now come padded and packaged in it’s own hand assembled and laser etched wooden box (see photo below) and then boxed within another shipping box. In addition to adding another level of finish to the completed pieces, this will hopefully further reduce the chances of shipping damages while in transit.

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