Fujifilm x Globe-Trotter Limited Edition X-Pro1 Kit for Harrod’s

March 26, 2012

Photography equipment manufacturer, Fujifilm has now joined hands with British luggage equipment manufacturer, Globe Trotter to create limited edition photography kit for Harrods, the luxury retail chain. Produced in a limited edition of just 12 units, these vulcanized fiber board bags is handcrafted with Victorian equipment, and carries within itself 3 lenses and its hoods, X-Pro 1 camera, flash and also a filter to be used alongside. Along with the premier equipment and limited editions, the dozen strong stock will be carrying a ‘Harrods Exclusively’ brass tag along with a $9,038 (£5,695).

The black and tan leather trim, brass riveted corners, the ultra-fine finishing are all a part of package exuding luxury, and exclusivity. When an entity like Globe Trotter is involved, who have made casings like the Nat Sherman edition, and also the extra deep centenary edition of suitcases, fabrication of the packaging is virtually taken too granted to be of optimum class, just like in this case. To a naked eye, the brass rivets appeal their sophistication like royalty almost. A little bit of digging says that Queen Elisabeth II had commissioned to get suitcase and bags shaped like this, with a similar level of fabrication and craftsmanship and also from Harrods’s outlets.

In terms of equipment, there are the 3 lens hoods (18mm, 35 mm, 60mm), which provide options in different conditions, for high quality photography, taken care of the by the X-Pro 1 camera from Fujifilm. For classical photographers, this camera is in the latest X series that looks to retain the old world charm, which is a definite plus-point for them. With extra bits of cash lying around to spend, one might as well give this one a shot, but that too luck will play a big role in finally getting hold of them. Having just 12 of these cases, makes for fierce competition and aggressive buying.
words by Wrik Sen

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