Finally… An Official R2-D2 Lego Set!

March 20, 2012

The next set in Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Series brings the droid you’re looking for. The series has previously featured the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, and now R2-D2 will join the ranks. Lego groups and custom builders have been piecing the astromech together for years. Though they will continue to do so, the rest of us less talented folks can use this kit to build a small droid.

It will take over 2,100 Lego bricks and bits to make the droid, and the price point will be around $250. He has a retractable leg, a computer interface arm, and a cutting disc. R2-D2 should be available in May. Be sure to cop it when it drops! check out some close-up photos and a video after the break.

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