‘DAMAGED GOODS’ Custom TYO truck from TaskOne

March 29, 2012

“I met Phil Foss who gave me this truck at San Diego Comic con in July 2010. They were supposed to do a custom truck show soon and asked me to participate. So a year and a half goes by and I never got a date or any word on the show. The truck was still there staring me in the face… and I finally got around to just doing it anyway.

All the tyo custom trucks I have seen so far usually have some bubble letter hit up on the side or a sticker someone printed out to fit along the exterior… I wanted to go further then that. a lot further… I wanted to bring it to a 3D level and incorporate all the space on the inside.

There are also some subtle things you may not notice right away such as the wooden floors on interior, chicks on the mudflaps, a wash me on the dirt on trailer doors and a LED light in the back of the truck that turns on with a switch mounted on the bottom side of truck.

So, upon finishing i took the truck into work where my coworker and buddy Brad took a bunch of pictures for me. On the way home on the light rail i set the truck (in a box) down to grab something of my pocket and my A.D.D. kicked in and I totally forgot about it… no Idea where it is. who found it or where it ended up.” – TaskOne.

This is one sick custom and to who ever picked this up… you are one lucky guy or girl!

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