Coarse – ‘Pain in Dreams’ Teaser

March 28, 2012

Coarse posted teaser images of an upcoming figure with the tagline ‘coarse is dreaming’ and ‘MMXII · XVII’. Based on the similarity to their ‘Pain in Dreams’ 1:3 resin sculpture offered at Rotofugi in 2010, the smart money says what you’re now looking at is a production edition of the figure, perhaps at a smaller scale. In fact, based on a quick back ‘n forth in FB comments, the XVII (17) may suggest 17 inches – essentially 1:4 scale. Often depicted in bold, triumphant fashion, here we say Pain bruised, battered, and down on his luck. Offering a gritty depiction complete with included mattress, Pain in Dreams is a stylish, dramatic and grave art toy sculpture – blurring the lines in an awesome manner.
words by VP

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