Amazing Art for the Star Wars Identities Exhibit

March 12, 2012

When the Star Wars Identities exhibit was announced, we were hanging to see more artwork for the exhibit (especially after seeing the Darth Vader artwork (pictured above). Montreal is goin’ to be blessed with awesomeness when this show hits the ground running April 19th 2012. Check out more amazing artwork for the show after the jump featuring Yoda, Amidala, Fett, Stormtroopers, and Threepio. Also, if you’re unaware of what the exhibition is about, hopefully the info below will help you understand better.

About Identities Exhibit:
Star Wars Identities explores the theme of identity via ten components that help shape who we are. According to current scientific research, these are our: species, genes, parents, culture, mentors, friends, marking events, occupation, personality, and values. These ten components are grouped into the exhibit’s three main areas or subthemes, which follow the progression of identity from childhood to adulthood: first Origins, then Influences, and finally Choices. Using the Star Wars films as a lens through which to explore these themes and components of identity, the visitor learns more about their favorite Star Wars characters, and also something about themselves in the process. The exhibit follows the story arcs of Luke and Anakin Skywalker: two heroes who share similar genes, were raised on the same planet, but whose choices in life took them along very different paths. At the same time, a unique interactive “identity quest” allows visitors to put themselves at the center of the action and design their own Star Wars hero identity as they make their way through the exhibit.

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