Studio Visit : Cool Rain Studios (Korea)

February 28, 2012

If you guys have been following us closely, you would’ve known that we were in Korea last week. During our trip over there, we managed to visit one of the worlds best toy studios, Coolrain Studios. It was indeed a very humbling experience for us and were overwhelmed by the amount of creative energy surging from the studio. Here is a little photo recap of our studio visit to give ya’ll an idea of what’s cookin’ in Korea.

It was a sunny and cold Wednesday afternoon in Korea when we got to Coolrain’s studio. We were greeted by Coolrain & Lady Brown with plenty of smiles and by all their amazing work as we walked into their humble studio. It was quite overwhelming to be honest, but after sitting down and having a few words with CR, we finally landed on earth and CR started showing us around his work space.

“I am not formally trained in sculpting or nor have I received any form of guidance from anyone… this is my passion” – CR

When CR mentioned he wasn’t formally trained in sculpting or toy making, it blew us away, because sculpting is not a skill anyone can just “pick up”. He spent over 3 years of this time, in his own words, “practicing” sculpting before he actually released anything official. That right there was such a huge inspiration to us, and hopefully to everyone reading this as well. It shows that if you are passionate enough about what you want to do, you will be able to accomplish it no matter how long it takes.

Coolrain’s work overflows with passion and dedication and that is something we really respect and admire about him. He’s also got an amazing team of artists working with him so hopefully we get so see more amazing works from him soon. Big thank you going out to Coolrain for having us in the studio and for all your hospitality. We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Keep up the awesome work!

Check out our recent Coolrain interview HERE if you haven’t already done so.

words by Benny Teh
photography by Fat Kids

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