Rogue Trikky by Sergio Mancini

February 10, 2012

“I have a lot of customers asking me for customs, and I think a 90% ask me something related to the Blueprint. As I told you earlier, the concept of Munnyworld was just a simple idea that occurred to me, and people really identified with him, for some reason. For me it’s just one idea among many hundreds of good that my fellow artists have done. What I can tell you about it is that I will still be “forced” to do more work on this, because it is something that is reaping rewards.” – explained Sergio Mancini of his current visual style of customization.

“I don’t have a particular story of that custom to tell. The accessories that came in my Blindbox automatically made ​​me think about a rogue and cat, because of the style of hat and cane, but could be anything, like a clockwork orange, for example … hmmmm … What is also not a bad idea!” – says Sergio of his excellent custom.

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