POW WOW ’12 @ Loft In Space

February 21, 2012

Last night, after a week of painting murals throughout the city, the artists of POW WOW got together for an opening party at Loft In Space. The art festival brought many quality street and graffiti artists to the island, the likes of which are not often seen in Hawaii. This fact combined with the inclusion of local talent brought out a huge crowd of art lovers and admirers to the gallery, and the surrounding areas as they walked to various walls around the district. Also piqing the interest of the gallery-goers were Eugene Kan’s photography exhibition Day Job? and Arktip magazine’s pop up space in the upstairs loft.

The turnout and love that the event got from the people of Oahu certainly is a testament to hard work of Jasper Wong and the rest of the board of directors for POW WOW and we look forward to bigger and better things for the festival next year.

Check out all opening pictures after the jump.
words by sleepboy

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