Nike Dunk Hi NBA All Star Quickstrikes

February 1, 2012

Nike are surely know how to get us amped for the All Star weekend coming up this month. Here is a quick look at these Dunk Hi NBA All Star Quickstrikes. To be honest the dunk silhouette has been re-worked to death and it’s kinda lost it’s ‘zing’ in our eyes, but having said that, it still stands as a classic sneaker which we all can relate to. Lets be honest, all of us would have owned at least one pair of dunks in our life. It’s like an extension of our soul and Nike are dropping three interesting colors of these shoe. Each comprised of a highly durable canvas upper along side an interesting feature, the removable velcro Swoosh. you can mix and match the colors if you wanted to. How cool is that? These will be available at retailers worldwide very soon.

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