Louis Vuitton Birdie Sneaker

February 1, 2012

For Spring/Summer 2012 Parisian label Louis Vuitton will be releasing a new low top sneaker called Birdie. The boat style shoe comes with a premium suede calf leather upper, a removable inner sock, hand stitched vamp and rubber outer sole. It’s nice but personally we feel it resembles too much of the older visvim FBT’s and adidas ZX700 boat styles. Have a look for yourself below.
Tell us if it’s not alike?

Would you pay 10 times the price the Birdie’s knowing that you can get a similar shoe for a fraction of the price? Don’t get us wrong… we respect brands that try and do something different every season. It’s bold and we like it, but for LV to dwell into the shoe market (which isn’t their forte) and designing/producing a shoe that looks just like someone else’s is not very appealing. But hey… That’s just our humble opinion. Surely the design team at LV have something bigger and better up their sleeves as part of S/S 2012 so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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