Kasina x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

February 9, 2012


Celebrating the Reebok Workout Low Plus 25th anniversary, Kasina would like to recreate the real Classics with Workout by keeping Reebok’s heritage alive. ‘Tweed’ is the answer we have found. The name of tweed was taken from the river Tweed in the Scottish Borders textile area. Tweed is a woolen fabric that twists together different colored woolen strands into a two or three-ply yarn. With its long history, tweed is the classical item that never goes out of style.

Tweed was commonly worn for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting. Today, tweed has come back into fashion with high-end stores and designers, used often with simple changes in detail or color for trendy style. Combining Reebok Workout’s heritage with the long history of tweed, Kasina recreates a classical style of Workout that you have never seen before. We express the heritage of Workout by mix and matching brown tone tweed with leather and vintage style outsole to keep Classics classic.

Source : HB Reebok Microsite

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