Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Cage of Eden

February 5, 2012

Yo! Fat Shounen Sunday! Irashai! (Welcome)

This week I got another exciting manga called Cage of Eden for ya’ll to suss out!

The manga is created by Yamada Yoshinobu and it’s featured in the Weekly Shounen Magazine from 2008 till’ now, and is still ongoing.

It’s about a bunch of students returning from their Guam school trip, who went through some turbulence during their flight and inevitably crashed onto an island that’s non existent on the map. The island they landed on was filled with animals long extinct and no human would have ever had the chance to see them in their lifetime. But where on Earth did they come from?

The group of classmates were separated at one point, and it turned into a game of survival. you know what that means… *nudge* BLOOD!

It’s a very exciting story and it keeps you interested throughout the journey. It may sound sadistic, but I love the fact that the story explores the struggle in which each group faces when attacked by these extinct animals. It’s definitely worth a read! Check it out.

Manga by Yoshinobu Yamada

Genre: Action, fantasy, survival, thriller

Released Date: 2008 – ongoing

Volumes: 15

Story: 10/10

Art: 8/10

Over all: 9/10

See you all next week ;) Ciao~

Fat Jenga signing out!



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