Fat Kids 3on3 Streetball Championships 2012 Event Recap (Photos)

February 8, 2012


“This was the fu**in’ sickest event ever…!” – KC

Our 2012 3on3 Streetball Championships saw an onslaught of teams from all around Australia fly down to Melbourne to try and take out the $4,000 prizes, Championship Trophy, Red Bull MVP trophy, and of course the “King of Streetball” title. It was a day filled with tears, joy, laughter and a little bit of “push and shove”… over all, a day that will forever be remembered as the best day in Australian streetball history.

Teams started rollin’ in at 8am for registrations and whistles went off at 9am to kick off the round robin eliminations. The first game between X Warriors and French Toast definitely set the tone for the day as both teams hit it full throttle as soon as the ball was checked. The eliminations was a tough battle between all the teams including last years runner ups Fly City because everyone was in the zone and 110% on point.

8 teams managed to battle it out through to the Quarter finals, Tu Meke, Fidel Cashflow, Stickers, X Warriors, French Toast, Kasin’s Team, Executors and of course, last years runner up, Fly City. It was a do or die battle from here as it was knock out rounds straight to the semi’s and finals. To add to the tension, there was a 15 minute time limit for the quarters and semis.

Fly City showed everyone who was boss after blasting through to the finals. Team mates Tik, Gerrard, Marcus and Kenny worked their magic in and out of the boards to cruise past Tu Meke and French Toast in Division 1. And in Division 2, Executors, new comers to the competition, showed great team work and ball movement, allowing them to cruise past X Warriors and Kasin’s Team and straight into the finals.

The finals was an epic showdown between 2 teams fit for the “King of Streetball” title, but only one could take it home. As both teams entered the court, they shook hands, put on their game faces and went to work straight away.

It was one of the fiercest battles to 15points and each player played to their level best making it a game to remember. Executors held the game to their advantage with spotless ball movement, but Fly City kept denying them with their tight defense. 15 minutes into the game and both teams were showing no signs of backing down as they kept the offense and defense extremely tight. Just after 20minutes, Executors turned up the heat with some excellent plays and bulldozed over Fly City to win the final 15 to 6.

Congratulations goin’ out again to Executors (Eamon, Tom and Ben) who took out this years Streetball Championships. To top it all off, the Redbull VIP went to Executors captain Eamon who showed excellent team play, interaction, offense, defense and most importantly spirit that drove the team to winning the Championships.

Big thank you also goin’ out to our sponsors ADIDAS, Kangol, Kickz 101, Dissizit LA, & Halfsleeve for all the prizes and also Red Bull for the awesome support and MVP trophy. You have all made a difference in our 3on3 this year. We’ll see ya’ll at next years bigger and better 3on3!

words by Benny Teh
photography by Casey Richardson

Video Recap available HERE.

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