Balmores Clothing Summer 2012 Lookbook

February 8, 2012


Balmores (pronounced Bell•moh•ress) is a brand based in Melbourne, Australia. Created in 2008, Balmores has a strong vision of producing versatile streetwear for the vibrant local and international street culture community.

Balmores is more about life style, with values heavily implemented on respect for one and another, as well as respect for the community. They believe in the saying ‘People over Profit’, which I think is DOPE as all brands should have this kind of attitude.

To escape the clutter of designs thats evident is the whole street fashion scene nowadays, Balmores aims to provide fresh and original designs within their garments, technically as Balmores puts it, ‘It’s evocative art in a form of clothing’.

The Summer 2012 lookbook explores the vibrant fresh designs that’s evident on their T-shirts, and it’s just a little taste of the Balmores lifestyle.


The T-shirts are available for purchase internationally via the Balmores webstore.

Further more, keep up to date with Balmores via their website

words by Fat Jenga

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