Bagjack NXL Messenger Bag

February 9, 2012

Next Level is the newest line of messenger bags from Bagjack. 17 years experience and development combined with a steady stream of new ideas has led them to this revolutionary redesign of the bagjack classic. Messenger style meets Business – authenticity and innovation. Next Level combines the functionality and design of the sporty messenger bag with the elegance of a business bag. Fully thought out, right down to the smallest details, and constructed from the highest quality waterproof and resilient materials.

The new design of the NXL ensures that it stands stable and upright. It features as standard equipment a voluminous inner tarpaulin liner with one small and one large detachable inner pouch, each with zip closures. The new FidLock magnetic hasps ensure easy opening and closing, and the new Strap Guides position the closure straps securely on the front of the bag. The front flap conceals a mesh pocket which can be opened from both ends. The NXL boasts as standard removable back padding, a stiffened gadget holder, a secret pocket and of course our patented 3-Point-Strap-System. It can be further tailored to your specific needs with the addition of further items, using our modular building block principle.
New features of this business bag include a padded retractable carrying handle and an umbrella pocket. The 3D-Mesh padding improves ventilation and provides a pocket in which to stow the carrying straps away, as well as providing a handy attachment method for luggage trolleys. The front flap can be neatly folded in half, concealing and thus silencing the velcro closures.

More detailed images after the jump or alternatively you can visit them HERE.

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