atmos x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

February 7, 2012

“We wanted to convey that the Workout will be reborn welcoming the 25th year anniversary, so we chose a scene that evokes the birth of new life from an egg – the crack. The ‘Glow in the dark’ image creates an impression of mystical feelings of the birth of a new life. The definition of Workout as a model has changed greatly compared to 25 years ago. At that time, it was developed as a sports shoe (gear) using the latest technology, and there was a user demand for it in sports.

We have taken this concept to give this shoe, the unforgettable great masterpiece of the Reebok history, a new life as a fashion item bringing it to the latest stage with new demands. Just like our users, we at Atmos love sneakers and we are looking forward to seeing the new Workout glowing on a new stage.” – atmos

More info can be found HERE.

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