Air Jordan 2012 – A First Look

February 8, 2012

Here is a look at the 27th pair of Jordan’s from the franchise. These are designed to encourage today’s athletes to rethink performance. This AJ27 comes with 2 interchangeable inner sleeves and three interchangeable midsoles to suit your performance. It will come in two colorways and will be available from Feb 8th onwards. In our humble opinion, the aesthetics of these shoes are next to shocking. Would you wear these to ball? In fact, no ballers we know ball in J’s (exception for the XI, XII, & XIII’s). Mostly because they are uncomfortable and pricey. But having said that, it’s good to see they are putting more emphasis on the “performance” tip because that’s whats been lacking in all the J’s (or most of em’ anyways). $223 for the 27′s? mmm… You be the judge.
More looks after the jump.

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