‘The Navigator’ 8″ Custom Dunny by Hugh Rose

January 30, 2012

“The Navigator is a mysterious fisherman who can sometimes be seen fishing off the coast of Guernsey, my island home. His knowledge of the treacherous local reefs and submerged rocks is unrivaled, and he has been fishing for so long that his beard is woven into a fishing net.

The fish he has caught in his beard is a fully functional wind-up toy, although it looks like his swimming days are over!”

“This piece is the result of my research into the history of the island of Guernsey, where I have lived since I was 7 years old. The character was first created for a chalk drawing I made on the beach closest to my house, which is an old fisherman’s house just off the seafront. I then developed the idea in my live drawing at the ‘Icons’ custom toy show in Leeds, England.

In the dunny version, I have included many references to navigation, as the sea around Guernsey is highly treacherous and had to be navigated skillfully before the days of GPS. On his head there are some fictional constellations I created, including a cormorant, a bird native to Guernsey that really captured my imagination when I arrived off the boat as a young boy. The lighthouse on his left ear is a real light house that is visible from my house, the Casquets lighthouse. I have attached some images of the original drawings.” – Hugh Rose.

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