Tailfeather leather goods

January 9, 2012

I first saw this side bag on a website long time ago, I just thought it was a dope accessory to have…It’s steezy! The minimal, plain design allows this piece to be timeless and whats awesome is that it can be carried in so many ways!

Whats also awesome is that Tailfeather is 100% Australian made. So support your local right?!

There are two pieces of items that I want to share with you guys today and thats the Little Swift side bag and the King Fisher messenger bag. Both are plain and simple. The King Fisher messenger can carry your 13″ laptops and has compartments for a lot of other things.

Its pretty! but the price is very very ugly…. Well for hand crafted goods, consider it as an investment as it is a timeless piece and will last you for a long time if you take care of it well.

More info and other products can be seen HERE

Soooooooooo tempting!!!!!

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