Stone Island Shadow Project- the 3 Layer Resist Softshell Jacket

January 20, 2012


Stone Island have a reputation for providing the technical wear that exceeds boundaries of design. It sometimes feel that their garments will help you survive Armageddon… figuratively speaking of course.

This garment belongs to the department of ‘R’ which stands for ‘Resistance’ within their PARSEQ modular performance grid. This jacket has been put together with 3 layers of cotton satin fabrics coated with 100% polyurethane, which in human terms means it is highly windproof, which also mean that this jacket is resistant to all challenges that the weather has to offer.

Stone Island’s 3 layer resist softshell jacket design features heaps of compartments, and what’s even better is that they are all designed to be invisible, so hence you can put it this way, complex yet simple.

This Jacket is in stock at Reed Space now. Check it out!

source: Freshnessmag

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