Star Wars & Batman – He Wears It 2 By John Woo

January 12, 2012

Hong Kong based Designer/ Illustrator John Woo who’s a fan of awesome fashion just like us, created this ‘He wears it’ series of artwork by mixing fashion with sci-fi. He’s already done a set of Star Wars Characters wearing Brands like Supreme, A.P.C and Thom Browne, now it’s back with characters such as Joker wearing Junya Wantanabe, Catwoman wearing Rick Owens, and Chewbacca sporting Outdoor Style.

I think this artwork series is just brilliant, mixing characters we all grew with along side fashion. Each 13 x 19-inch print is signed and numbered, and there are only 100 of them available.

You can get them through Etsy.

Here are more of his works :)

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