Pleiades ‘Trumstand’ iPhone Speaker Dock

January 2, 2012

It seems that the acoustic world has taken a turn towards creating ‘horn’ shaped speakers, perhaps for the right reasons. We aren’t specialists, but this design from the yesteryears certainly does have a special effect on the sound. We saw some innovation in terms of blending this old-world design to modern gadgetry in products such as the Phonofone III and the Ferguson Hill FH001, and featuring as more high-end competitor on looks, is the Trumstand horn-shaped iPhone speaker dock. Created with brass, and coated with precious metals like gold and silver, the device allows one to play audio content stored on the iPhone or iPod, with high quality sound output as expected.

Like most modern day technology and the direction it seems to move into, Pleiades Designs, the maker of the Trumstand, have relied on the natural powers around us, to give us a device of premium quality. From the concept of not using any extra-electronics to amplify and operate the device, to relying on the natural horn shape to give out high quality sound, the Trumstand seems to have been made for the modern day home where wiring needs to be kept to a bare minimum, and energy requirements looked into, without compromising on utility. Hence, what you get is an iPod/iPhone dock speaker that charges your device, and plays your audio content without any glitches whatsoever. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that the horn has been created out of thick high-quality brass, and also the ‘S’ shaping of the tail end, which relies on the natural acoustic powers. This results in negation any sort of external vibrations, while doing justice to the audio. With the glossy finish and sleek design, it blends old world charm and modern day chic with aplomb.

The Trumstand will be available in the market in 2 models; Gold coated version and Silver coated version. The gold version is priced at $2,000, where as the silver one comes for $1,800. Keeping your interior space aesthetics and budget in mind, you could take a pick amongst the better one to choose for this New Year’s shopping list.

More details can be found HERE.
words by Wrik Sen

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