Oakley Tin Tin 3D Gascan

January 2, 2012

Did you ever read Tin Tin comics when you were young?? I know I was one of the kids that borrowed 5 TinTin comics each time i visited the school library.

With the recent new release of ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin” Movie in 3D,¬†Oakley has made a collectable Tin Tin 3D Gascan glasses to commemorate the release of the movie.

The 3D glasses works with 3D movies in the Cinemas as I’ve tried it myself, not with the Tin Tin limited edition, I’m not that lucky! I just used a generic Gascan model! It’s sweet!

This glasses also works well with 3D TVs from major brands.

This piece is available in your local Oakley O-store, but hurry! The pieces are limited!

Source: Oakley

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