Nanamica Gore Tex Cruiser Jacket

January 23, 2012

As part of their new drop, Nanamica’s got a jacket called the Cruiser Jacket that’ll surely tickle your fancy.

Made from Gore Tex material (which we all know that would be outstanding against wind and rain), will definitely be a staple piece in the colder season.

The stitching on this jacket is well put together to ensure waterproofing. The front zip is protected/layered with a flap secured via strong metal clamps. It also features 2 large front pockets and a hidden pocket within the jacket. Also a strap to adjust the fitting to the wearers liking.

The bright yellow color of this jacket reminds me of the old school rain jacket we all used to have as a kid, definitely a piece that’ll take you down memory lane and put a little swag in there as well.

source: freshnessmag

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