Monolith: Solid Wood iPhone Back

January 24, 2012

If you own an iPhone (who doesn’t these days) and are a fan of wood, these monolith solid wood iphone back’s are the perfect accessory for ya. Here is what the people behind this project have to say about their creation :

“We love vintage electronics which used metal and wood, and we wanted that same look and feel for our iphones. When we went in search of such a product we found a few offerings, and nearly bought some, but eventually decided they were a little too expensive for what they were. With a background in engineering and woodworking, we knew we could make a few for ourselves. once we started working on them we realized we wanted to make them for more people than just our friends and we could make them more affordable. We had a lot of fun designing the custom packaging, which is laser-cut stacked cardboard with a cardstock sleeve with a logo opening that reveals the wood grain underneath. Making the packaging ourselves in this way let us make several prototypes to get everything right so the toolkit nests well below the back panel in the packaging. This was really helpful since we had no packaging design experience and were hesitant to deal with the expense of hiring a packaging design firm.” – monolith

These can be yours now HERE for only $55.

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