Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone 4 Camera Lens

January 3, 2012

For all you video fiends out there we just found a crazy iPhone 4 attachment that’ll change your video expertience forever. Introducing the Kogeto Dot. It is a lightweight 360° iCONIC lens for your Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It lets you shoot and share 360° video with your iPhone 4/4S and can be quickly and easily clipped onto your iPhone. Once attached, the durable and dependable Kogeto iCONIC lens works with your iPhone’s HD video camera to capture full 360° video in one seamless shot. Plus, Kogeto offers the free Looker App on their website, which allows you to watch the 360° panoramic video right on your iPhone 4/4S LCD touch screen display and share your immersive 360° video clips with friends and family. More info and purchase details can be found HERE.

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