Ice Screams Ice Cube Tray by Fred and Friends

January 12, 2012


Everyone handles stress differently. Some people chew ice as a nervous habit. Some people scream to get their frustrations out. But most folks drink. If you’re like me, then you do all three and you need the Ice Screams Ice Cube Tray. It makes 12 ice cubes that look like The Scream painting by Edvard Munch (aka the only painting anyone knows by Edvard Munch). They’re perfect for those times when you feel overcome by anxiety and you just want to freak out on someone, but instead you look down at your drink and sigh quietly. Munch created the painting because he himself had a moment on a bridge at sunset when he was filled with anxiety. But since most of us poor shlubs don’t have an artistic outlet to express that stuff we gotta settle for booze and novelty ice cubes to get us through the day.
Available HERE for £7.50.
words by Jenni Chasteen

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