Fat Shounen Sundays (Weekly Manga Review) : Gantz

January 15, 2012

Thanks Benny for the review of the Movie! He might not have heard of Gantz before, but me on the other hand have been following Gantz religiously ever since its release. Wow it’s 11 years already! You’ve all read the review for the Gantz life action movie! Now lets review where that all came from…. The MANGA!!

Kurono Kei, a typical high school kid in a Japanese society is taunted by the Japanese society’s judgmental ways. One day he saw his friend Katou from elementary school. Katou however is very righteous and does not care about how he is being judged. That day when they saw each other, a man fell onto the train tracks, Katou immediately jumped in to help. He couldn’t do it alone, he saw Kei and screamed for his help. For wanting to look good in front of others, he jumps in to help too. They end up saving the man but not themselves.

However being dead or are they?? They woke up in an apartment room with a black ball called Gantz… this is where their lives changed. There was simple catch to their “new lives”, they had to go on missions to kill alien life form on earth. If they die on their mission… they die, but if they manage to survive, they score points (depending on how well they performed). 100 points gave them 2 options, one, to go back to your normal life or, two, to revive a dead comrade.

Gantz is an really interesting manga, another one of my favorites. It’s got loads of ecchi scenes as well as great battle scenes. The manga is drawn with amazing detail, however i find the story line a bit iffy at times. It’s just become crazier by the episode, and you just don’t know what’s happening anymore. Maybe some might find that awesome, but I find it confusing and feel that the story has lost its plot! But I’m still going to be loyal to it as it is still a great read. Trust me, it’s an addictive read! and so far you have 350+ chapters to catch up with!

Written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku

Genre: Seinen, gore, Ecchi

Released Date: 2000 – ongoing

Volumes: 32

Story: 8/10

Art: 10/10

Over all: 9/10

Thanks again for being here with me on this weeks manga review! I hope you will enjoy reading this one! Cya next week!
words by Fat Jenga

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