‘Drawings for Three Rooms In Your Home’ by Steve Lambert

January 15, 2012


When you’re visiting friends or relatives, sitting on their couch or eating at their dinning room table, you shouldn’t think about the fact that they’ve probably had messy, gross sex all over all of that stuff. Oops. That’s like that “don’t think about elephants” thing. Now you’re thinking about elephants. And sex. But we all do it so we might as well be open about it. That’s why I’m going to hang up these “Drawings for Three Rooms in Your Home” by Steve Lambert in my apartment. I’m also going to give them as a gift to my parents, my boyfriend’s parents and my neighbors who I house sat for that one time. I just need to tell them which rooms they go in.
Available HERE now.
words by Jenni Chasteen

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