Deluxe for HAVEN 5th Anniversary Items

January 16, 2012

Deluxe and HAVEN recently got together to work on 2 new items to celebrate HAVEN’s 5th anniversary. What better way then with their classic Hamilton and Winston. HAVEN explains:

“The “Hamilton” silhouette has a very unique uneven yarn and easy-to-wear aesthetic. Custom black buttons and black button hole stitching, for extra pop red thread was used for the top button. A Custom vintage style “DLX-HVN” scratch print was added above the chest pocket. The back shoulder is adorned with a 5-star scratch print symbolizing our 5 years in business. Finally a custom ‘Deluxe for Haven’ woven neck label was added to round out the branding.

For our second item, we stayed true to our shop philosophy of casual everyday, yet high-quality clothing, and chose to modify this season’s “Winston” Thermal silhouette. The “Winston’s” raglan cut 3/4 sleeved design and cashmere blended fabric make it a comfortable piece that is easy to layer. The contrast body and sleeve combination is often seen on baseball style shirts but the waffle thermal construction gives it a a little more warmth. Embroidered ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Haven’ logos adorn the sleeves and a custom woven neck label further adds to the collaborative branding.”

Both items are available now at HAVEN.

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